Who we are

Fat Cat Freddie is a 3 piece blues band based in North Central Kansas.

“We are a bluz based band who does funk along with rocking the side of the blues. High energy, with deep love for what were doing. That means you!”

Howlin' Steve Howell - Guitar Player - Fat Cat Freddie

Howlin’ Steve Howell is an American Folk singer/songwriter as well as a master guitar player who for years traveled the world at large including England, Ireland. His musical journey began in the greater Los Angeles area, and became a life-long passion, continuing into the years he spent working in the Forest Service during the 80’s in Oregon. He turned his attention to playing blues with a band in Southern Oregon by the name of Forty Days and Forty Nights. They rocked the region for many years before his move to the Midwest. The years spent in Kansas City he led the popular Howlin’ Steve and the Soulshakers. Finally settling down in North Central Kansas, he met John Garman and the collaboration of Fat Cat Freddie began.

Drummer John Garman - Fat Cat Freddie

John Garman was born in Burr Oak, a small town in Kansas. He began his music adventure at the age of 4 and by the age of 10 was performing in his first band. He grew up listening to country and bluegrass music, but in High School found the classic rock of the 60’s a interesting genre. He received his first set of drums at the age of 6 and has been playing ever since. He has played in numerous bands over the course of 54 years, from country to folk and classical to rock. It was not until 2011 that he pursued the bass guitar. It was then he started playing the bass in the band Slingshot. Since then he has switched playing drums and bass for various groups. He met Steve Howell while playing drums for the blues group Fat Cat Freddie.

Bass player, Bryan Felix. Fat Cat Freddie

Bryan Felix from Idyllwild California. Played in So-Cal psychedelic rock band Reverand Flashback and the Psychedelic Fuzz and punk rock band Goon’s Army. Got into jam bands with Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade and that led me to band like String Cheese and Phish. Always had a love for old funk and blues. Been playing bass since I was 18 and rocking stages since 2001